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The Aamori Group Difference

At Aamori Group, we are passionate about quality leadership and professional development and we understand the value this will add for the individual, the work team and the organisation. We understand that in order to have an effective, lasting impact on change and growth, the development must be meaningful, informative and enjoyable and to be sustainable, any program or experience we provide needs to be applicable both in and out of the workplace.
The Aamori Group difference, is specialised experiential facilitation practices that are incorporated in to all of our programs, workshops and services.
Whether you are undertaking individual coaching sessions, participating in our development programs/workshops or partnering with us for specialised leadership outcomes, we guarantee an engaging development experience with learning growth that will be immediately applicable in the real world and will last long after the program has been completed.

Speciality Development Tools & Programs

Aamori Group are proud to be authorised, accredited providers of a select choice of speciality development tools and programs to assist in building capacity in conjunction with our dynamic facilitation methodology.
Analysis Insight

The World's Most Advanced Behavioural Assessment System

Many of Australia’s most respected businesses, universities and all levels of government use DISC ADVANCED®. DISC ADVANCED® assessments are the World’s most advanced. With anything less, you get less results and restrictions on use in some work environments. There are many advantages with DISC ADVANCED® and it’s the choice when you want the best.
The DISC ADVANCED® assessment is ideal for individuals who are looking to identify and improve their people skills, develop complex communication practices, and leverage inter-personal relationships to improve performance and effectiveness. This assessment also assists in determining ideal work environments.
The DISC ADVANCED® assessment is the perfect tool to determine potential high performance team dynamics and structure, improve team performance and communication, develop team synergy or include in recruitment processes.

The Most Widely Used 360-Degree Leadership Assessment Tool Available Today

Backed by more than 30 years of empirical research, the Leadership Practices Inventory® (LPI®) is part of a self-discovery leadership process - not a single event. The 30 item instrument measures the frequency of leadership behaviours on a 10-point scale. The LPI® uniquely approaches leadership as a measurable, learnable, and teachable set of behaviours back by a sound methodology. The LPI® is elegantly simple yet powerful.
The LPI® assessment is ideal for individuals who are looking to review their previous or current influence and effectiveness as a leader, identify current leadership strengths and discover areas for improvement in leadership behaviours to become an exemplary leader. 
The LPI® assessment is the perfect tool to introduce a common leadership language to a team or organisation. It provides leaders an opportunity to identify and build on the level of commitment, engagement and satisfaction of their teams through exemplary leadership. The LPI® assessment is the starting step for organisations to build an exemplary leadership model throughout the organisation.

Liberating the Leaders Within World-Wide for Over 30 Years!

The Leadership Challenge workshops are uniquely suited to benefit any organisation because they are adaptable, learnable, and easy to implement. At each of the program's heart, The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership model is the framework that brings a common leadership language to all levels of an organisation.

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Understanding That Everyone Can be A Leader!

The Student Leadership Challenge workshop takes the wisdom of The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership and nuclear-infuses it with the high-energy, engaging, and relevant teaching style of Aamori Group to deliver a leadership program directly to students what will positively impact your school, university or sports club like never before. 

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