what makes Aamori Group tick?

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Aamori Group is 100% Australian owned and operated, providing specialised leadership and professional development services
how it all started....

Michael and Kelly started the "Aamori" organisation back in 2011, originally as a Mine Engineering Consultancy and Site Services company (known as Aamori Mining Pty Ltd). Over time, the company evolved and included training consultancy services to the Vocational Education & Training (VET) industry, blending Michael's international & national mine engineering, management and planning expertise and Kelly's business, leadership and VET expertise.

In early 2016 Kelly took a professional break from Aamori Mining to live in Fiji and work on an AusAid sponsored project within the international vocational education & training sector, providing leadership and business development training across the Pacific Islands.

After 18 months living away followed by 6 months of travelling to Papua New Guinea from Perth home-base, Michael and Kelly knew it was time to switch gears and launch Aamori Group with the key focus on leadership and professional development.... done differently!





what do we believe?

Both Michael and Kelly are passionate about professional development (done right!) and the value this adds for the employee, the work team and the business. 

They believe that leadership and  professional development should be meaningful, informative AND enjoyable and that when you "engage creativity" in what you do, it automatically "enhances learning" to build on skills and knowledge, develop awareness and practical application as well as evolving as a professional.

what makes the Aamori Group workshops so special?

The Aamori Group workshops are conducted using "experiential/interactive learning", meaning participants are able to immediately apply the skills and knowledge they develop during the workshop. The workshops contain "hands on" learning activities throughout, directly relevant to the work environment and each workshop is tailored specifically for each participant group. Our learning methodology incorporates the 70-20-10 principle, ensuring relevant, practical and engaging learning experiences for all levels.

We run a selection of open enrolment workshops, from our on-demand range, periodically throughout the year across Australia

For organisations, our on-demand range has over 80 development workshops to select from in a wide range of areas. Organisations are also able to access our authorised Leadership Challenge programs and coaching services.

For individuals looking for leadership development, we have a selection of coaching products and services from the Leadership Challenge framework that can be tailored to suit any situation.






why choose Aamori Group?
Skills & Knowledge

Improved skills & knowledge through informative and engaging leadership & professional development programs led by expert facilitators


Guaranteed self-improvement through hands on leadership coaching, workshop experiences and targeted activities

Team Building

Motivational team building inherent in every workshop, and tailored specifically for each group




         engage creativity, enhance learning

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