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Below is a list of frequently asked questions - we hope you find your answer. If not, send us a message through the contact form and we will get right back to you with an answer - we almost never sleep!

How much are your public workshops?

Our publicworkshops are only $350.00 AUD throughout Australia (GST excluded)

Can I get a discount?

Of course! - We love giving out discounts.

Keep a watch for the early bird specials which are posted on our social media pages.

We also offer group discounts for 3 or more participants - so gather together your friends, colleagues and family to come along and give us a call to get your group discount code before you complete your registration

Other promotions offering selected discounts are periodically posted on our social media sites - the best way to get the promo codes is to like, follow & share our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages - look us up! (Connecting with us on social media also comes with the addedbonus of seeing what has been happening around Aamori Group!)

Do I have to attend the full day of the workshop?

No you don't - though we do recommend you participate in the full day as you will miss out on lots of really cool stuff and we would really miss you!

Our expert facilitators will work their magic as much as possible, if you give them enough notice, to ensure you don't miss out too much.

If I don't attend the whole day, can I only pay for half?

Unfortunately not - our workshops fees cover the full day whether you attend or not. If you miss out on any part of the workshop due to unforeseen circumstances you are welcome to "catch up" for free at the next workshop in your location (provided maximum workshop numbers have not been met)

What happens if there are not enough people registered to attend the workshop after I have paid?

While we hope this never happens, we do need to be like a "boy scout" and "be prepared" - for workshops that do not meet the minimum numbers (4 for Australian CBD workshops | 8 for Australian Regional & International workshops), all registered participants will be notified (by email and phone) 1o working days before the workshop date. Registered & paid participants will be offered the opportunity to transfer their registration to any workshop in the following 3 months at no cost, or their workshop fee refunded in full. Please make sure your contact details are correct when you book your workshop so we can get in touch with you.

Please see our full terms and conditions in regards to refunds, workshop cancellations and workshop transfers.

What does "Aamori" mean?

Funny story! (no, that's not what it means.... I mean it is a funny story...)

Quite a few years ago when we decided to start our original business (Aamori Mining), we were searching for a name that's meaning meant something to us, would capture what we represented and was a little quirky - like us! So.. where do you find a lot of names with definitions?.... a baby name book of course! Flicking through the pages we discovered "Aamori" which, according to the baby name book, was African for "Qualified".

We were sold - it was perfect! It was exactly what we were representing as Consultants and Service Providers (and a little quirky) and so it stuck!


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