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Can students be leaders?
In the words of the authors of The Student Leadership Challenge - James Kouzes and Barry Posner - "In today's world there are countless opportunities to make a difference. More than ever there is a need for people of all ages, from all backgrounds, with all types of life experience to seize those opportunities that lead to greatness. More than ever there is a need for leaders to inspire us to dream, to participate and to persevere!"
Ours is an imperfect world. And yet there remains the promise that students, like the ones you teach, will become the transformative leaders of today and tomorrow. It's their vision, their values, and their beliefs that will shape the direction of our world. We need more exemplary leaders, and we need them now more than ever.
The core philosophy of The Student Leadership Challenge® disputes the myth that leadership is something that you find only at the top of the class or as the person running a student organisation. Leadership is not about position or title, power or authority, celebrity or wealth, family or genetics. It’s also not just something for a chosen few. Rather, leadership is everyone’s business.
There is so much extraordinary work that needs to be done. We hope that The Student Leadership Challenge® will help your students feel more empowered, be more capable to accept these challenges, and strengthen their will to persist in making a difference on campus, in clubs, within their community and throughout the world. You can help them develop into better leaders, liberating the leader within each and every one or them!

Liberate the leader in every student

Leadership is an identifiable set of skills and abilities that is available to everyone. It is about relationships, personal credibility, and what leaders do. It’s about an observable set of skills and abilities that are useful wherever a leader may be. Given the motivation and desire, leadership is a skill that can be strengthened, honed, and enhanced through practice and feedback, following role models, and coaching. If students find themselves in a challenging situation that requires setting a good example for others, looking ahead to the future, taking initiative to change the status quo, building teamwork and trust, and encouraging others to succeed, they are in a situation that requires leadership. What is required of them in this situation is that they step forward and become the best leader they can be.
The Student Leadership Challenge is about how students mobilise others to want to make extraordinary things happen in their schools, communities, and organisations. It’s an evidence-based framework that describes the practices student leaders use to transform values into actions, visions into realities, obstacles into innovations, separateness into solidarity, and risks into rewards. It shows how students can create the climate in which people turn challenging opportunities into remarkable successes.
It’s been said that the education and development of people is the lever to change the world, and we believe this is especially true for young people. In these extraordinary times, the challenges seem only to be increasing in number and complexity. But remember that all generations confront their own serious threats and receive their own favourable circumstances. The abundance of challenges is not the issue: it’s how our young people respond to them that matters. Through their responses, they have the potential to seriously worsen or profoundly improve the world in which we live.
Yours is a noble cause. By improving a student’s ability to lead, you will directly affect the kinds of positive changes that our world needs. You will make a difference in the quality of the life of your students and those they will influence throughout their lives. We know from our research that every student has the capacity to learn to lead and the capacity to make extraordinary things happen. We believe in them, we believe in you, and we thank you for challenging yourself to liberate and develop the leader in every student.

The Student Leadership Challenge® Program Experience

The best thing about The Student Leadership Challenge experience is its flexibility! With endless options to incorporate the program into both your student and staff leadership* journey, Aamori Group provides a range of options from seminar-style blocks, camp sessions through to semester or term curriculum inclusion. We can also include project-based development options and team building activities to boost understanding and application of the key principles and increase engagement further.
Incorporating the high-quality Student Leadership Challenge® resources, including the latest edition of The Student Leadership Challenge® book, a Student Leadership Practices Inventory® 360 assessment and the Aamori Group development difference, your students will be completely engaged as they develop their leadership skills and understand how they can be exemplary leaders now, and into the future.

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